Corporate Identity Display

-Siemens Identity Display-

The Siemens Corporate Identity Display by uma complements the impressive nature of Siemens City Vienna

and communicates the multifaceted corporate identity of Siemens and its employees to an internal and external audience.

uma SKIN® also includes a person tracking technology, which – in an almost magical way – allows it to react to the presence of people in close proximity to the display. The system reacts to all potential users, no matter if they are already standing in front of the Corporate Identity Display or passing by, thus drawing more attention towards itself.

Siemens Corporate Identity Display skin semantic wall uma

The interaction with the content is personalized on demand through RFID technology. RFID technology or radio-frequency identification allows to identify a user and thus to give the right information to the right person. uma SKIN® semantic wall enables visitors to explore a universe of Siemens values and topics that are presented and contextualized automatically from different data and web repositories. This minimizes the content curatorial effort for Siemens Corporate Communications and provides an effective way of communicating Corporate Identity throughout Siemens as well as to visitors and partners. At the same time the Display can be leveraged by Siemens employees for means of Corporate Communication and information exploration.