In Store Retail Technology

-SportScheck Identity Display-

SportSchecks semantic wall installation SKIN® from uma provides an in store retail technology that engages customers on all stages of the decision making process and even before.

“Reaching today’s retail customer requires us to, literally, go ‘back to the future,’ to an era 100 years ago when visiting
a major retail store was an event, a true experience that cemented the relationship between a brand and a customer. The uma software delivers a platform that creates instant excitement, engagement, and a real-time exchange that is unparalleled,” said Stefan Herzog, chairman of SportScheck. “We are investing in the future of retail on a level that realizes a greater degree of innovation than we have seen before. Our customers have enormous amounts of knowledge and information at their fingertips, and we need to give them even more reasons to spend their time, and money, with our store.”


SKIN® provides an in store retail technology, which serves manifold purposes and offers great advantages to retailers.

The SKIN® installation, as part of the retail space, boost sales. Products and/or different product categories are displayed throughout the interactive wall, enhancing the product presentation of SportScheck. Furthermore, the in store retail technology goes more into depth, giving customers the possibility to go further than just having a look at different products. It gives buyers the option to educate themselves about specific items and related items, supporting the buying process, as well as extending it towards adding fitting products. The in store retail technology suggest related products to the customer. This process can be automated via SKIN’s smart software, or manipulated by the content manager. The in store retail technology supports SportScheck  in increasing sales per customer via cross-selling and up-selling. In addition, loyalty customers can finish their shopping trip directly at the installation, in adding products to the shopping bag electronically, and picking them up at the counter after payment. Another value that arises for SportScheck is the possibility of not only having additional retail space, but displaying and communicating corporate values and identity to customers, adding to brand loyalty and customer retention. The SKIN® installation by uma, can further be connected to databases, measuring for example customer loyalty, POS or in SportSchecks case inventory.

Customers can furthermore share their new purchase, their purchase consideration or certain items via Social Web plug-ins, generating positive marketing and critical feedback for the retailer.