Digital Signage

-IBM Identity Display-

IBM uses uma SKIN® as a digital signage solution at its regional (IBM Alps) headquarters facility in Vienna. The system enables visitors to access real-time information based on suggested topics or key words. Leveraging uma’s semantic content curation engine, the uma SKIN® product provides a display that can be touched and manipulated, and provide response, in the form of information. The installation of uma SKIN® enables visitors to simultaneously interact with IBM information, as well as related audiovisuals, local and global news, and other rich media and Web 2.0 content.

Adding to the ease of usage of IBMs digital signage and its information at the fingertips, another important factor is efficiency in operating SKIN®, both in terms of cost and time. What makes SKIN® unique is its semantic content curation system. It allows for combining a minimum of additional effort with a maximum of value added. The system allows IBM to present its key messages and related marketing materials as well as its products, both efficient and cost effective to its audience. SKINs strategic position in a semi public space allows further for displaying and transferring IBMs corporate values and information to prospective and current clients, employees, as well as visitors. SKIN® can perform all of this functions on a new level, with a minimum of operational effort, since IBM can use all of its existing digital assets and the istallations content curation system connects them depending on demand and purpose from various global IBM repositories.

The IBM identity display as a digital signage solution serves another crucial purpose, which is corporate communication. Effective corporate communication is key to a companies success. SKINs attractive interface enhances employee engagement into corporate communication and thus impacts the quality as well as quantity of efficient communication substantially. The digital signage solution provides a platform to share key messages not only to visitors but also employees in order to reinforce company culture, standards and values, ultimately strengthening the bond between employees and IBM . What is more, it provides tools to improve productivity. SKIN® can display all kinds of operational support, from way-finding, virtual maps to up-to date company wide schedules as well as for the individual, accessible via an identification method, such as RFID, NFC or many more.