Retail Digital Signage

-Bally Scribe Milan-

uma SKIN integrated in the Scribe Made to Order showroom concept, presents an interactive World of Bally that enabled users to access custom curated content, as well as Bally’s innovativeScribe Configurator App. uma provides Bally with retail digital signage via a semantic wall, that displays corporate identity, Ballys heritage and history.

Thus the uma SKIN installation marks a new level of interactive shopping for fashion customers, enabling Retailers and Brands to personalize experiences for in-store shoppers while leveraging company and industry information – including custom videos and product stories – that enhances the customer’s engagement with their brand.

The specially designed World of Bally interactive space marks the debut for uma SKIN in the luxury fashion industry. Using the well laid-out, user-friendly Scribe Configurator App, Bally guests have the chance to replicate the experience of designing their perfect bespoke Scribe Made-To-Order shoe.

Retail Digital Signage - Bally Scribe - Made to Order with umaSKIN™

Bally Scribe – Made to Order with umaSKIN™

 “Bally customers embody the future of interactive shopping, in which customized information can be called up instantly, and experiences can be literally tailored to the individual shopper,” said Christian Doegl, founder and CEO of uma. “uma SKIN becomes a trusted interactive partner in the shopping experience, augmenting the customer’s ideas and desires.”

Advantages and Opportunities through Retail Digital Signage

the advantages of having Digital Signage in retail spaces comes in multiple ways. Not only does it drive a consistent brand image, but it also visually attracts new customers and passerby. This can be especially exploited by SKIN through its attractive interface and the products reaction to people in its proximity through its person tracking technology. Furthermore, umas solution for retail digital signage allows to engage with customers through technology of their choice. This can be facilitated via RFID (radio frequency identification), QR codes, or NFC, to name some of the options.