3 Opportunities of Digital Signage in Retail besides Marketing & Advertising

Digital Signage Installations are without question great for your Marketing Department. They allow them to reach the right target segment with ever changing messages, to present your brand in a cost efficient & effective manner and provide advertising space to rent out to partner firms. However, there is way more to Digital Signage then that:

Opportunities of Digital Signage, more powerful than Marketing & Advertising

  • Instant feedback: Digital Screens situated on strategic points in retail stores allow your customers to express resonance. They can voice their opinion about their shopping experience, about certain shortcomings, great employees or the lack of certain item, which you think should be in stock. This aspect of Digital Signage bears various benefits for retailers. First of all, it is an additional data source, regarding performance of your employees and if used throughout multiple stores a good indicator for the overall performance. Furthermore it gives your customers an easy way to tell you whether they were or were not satisfied with their experience. This not only allows you to react & improve, but it also means that they are far less likely to bring their grudge over a bad experience to social media, since you have the chance to instantly respond to their problem.

Opportunities of Digital Signage

  • Up Selling & Cross Selling: In Store Screen Installations allow you to bring an endless aisle to your stores. You have the chance to use the space in your store more efficiently. Additionally it gives you the chance to sell more. Lets assume your customer is looking for a jacket and he uses the screens to browse through your assortments during his shopping trip. The signage software allows him to look through several jackets while always suggesting some articles that would fit perfectly to the jacket currently displayed and automatically puts together an outfit. Furthermore, the signage software regularly presents jackets of higher price categories to attract the user towards purchasing a higher quality product. As already seen at Amazon, which is relying on cross & Up selling for about 35% of their revenue, this is a powerful provider for growth.
  • Loyalty: The best and most honest way to improve loyalty towards a brand is to provide the customer with value. Give them what they want most during their shopping trip. For most customers this means information regarding items and products. This is probably the best aspects of digital signage. It implements the best features of the digital world into brick & mortar environments. Digital Signage allows retailers to provide information to customers, spiced up with reviews from earlier customers or real time data provided by social media plug ins. All of this not only strengthens your customers buying decision, but it also gives you valuable reputation in the eyes of your consumers. Combine all of this with an easy way to sign up for your loyalty program, lets say a button on your screen that has the account set up with two clicks and you will see your member numbers spike.

While this is only a short overview, opportunities of digital signage can be manifold and ever changing, given its very nature of bringing the right information to the right target at the right time.

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