Digital Signage Museum Experience

Visitor Engagement on a whole new Level


To engage visitors, museums are trying more than ever to stay on the forefront of interactive technologies. This however, is even more complex than it sounds. Visitors can not be seen as one, but are more diverse than some years ago. With younger generations being tech oriented, this also means that they expect a more immersive & interactive experience from their museum visit. It is not enough anymore to merely show exhibits, but build a whole story around the topic on hand to deepen the engagement of the visitor with the content. Furthermore, Installations have to be changed more frequently to bring in fresh content that services frequent visitors.


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Through SKIN visitors can experience the museum in a brand new way.
The digital installation allows to bring the exhibits into context. It tells the story behind, engages the visitor into a dialogue with the themes and makes paintings and sculptures come to life, opening up a whole new world. Contextualised information brings additional value to the user and allows the museum to extend their exhibition space by bringing in digitalised assets from libraries, other exhibitions and partnering museums as well as data archive such as “Kulturpool”, a centralised search and show portal for digitalised exhibits and catalogues of all Austrian cultural institutions.
Furthermore, SKIN allows for building tighter connections between culture and education through playful interaction with the displayed content. Users can explore art with their fingertips, thus experiencing their visit in a brand new way. Museums that are leveraging a mobile strategy by using apps or social media can easily combine them with the SKIN installation to use even more features, such as the interaction between the displays and mobile phones through RFID, NFC etc. or by giving the user the chance to send for example a selfie with a painting to the wall. Furthermore, SKIN can be connected to various social media platforms to showcase content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
SKIN also bears benefits for the donors of Museums, since it allows to link the various Government organisations , Corporates , Private Individuals and Foundations to specific exhibits. Through that a story can be told, why a particular donor supported an initiative, giving the good deed more resonance than before.


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