AV Nation – uma’s CEO on 3D, Legrand and CTS Badges

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Recently we had a unique chance of being part of AV Nation’s weekly podcast AV Week.

Tim Albright, the great host of AV Week & AV Nation Founder offered our CEO, Christian Doegl the opportunity to be part of an ever changing group of AV Industry experts. Some of the most engaging AV professionals gather once a week to discuss the most current, entertaining, and sometimes controversial news and commentary about the commercial AV industry today.

This weeks guests, alongside Tim and Christian were:

  • George Tucker, Co-Founder of AV Nation TV with more than 20 years of AV Industry Experience. @TuckerTues
  • Bradford Benn, Leading edge application and integration engineer for professional audio and Vertical Market Manager at HARMAN International. @BradfordBenn
  • Adrian Boyd, Resident Designer & Engineer at AVI Systems in St. Louis and known as @The_AV_CAD_Guy on Twitter.
  • Bradley Grimes, Director of Communications for InfoComm International. @BGrimesDC

AV Weeks Podcast #258 roundtable discussion was focused on the following three topics.

InfoComm has introduced a digital badge system for the CTS community, which intends to assist in communicating the value of CTS and other Certifications to those who are unfamiliar with it. The digital badge can be attached to your personal profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook etc. and informs others on the meaning and the requirements of the certification. By doing so, the badge helps certification holders to communicate their value to e.g. clients or headhunters.

Legrand is getting more into the lighting, shade, and control business. Questions were raised on what form the acquisition would take and the effects it may have on the the industry. The third topic is centred on the MIT  and the introduction of their version of glasses-free 3D. The group of experts discusses the state and the future of 3D in general and glasses-free 3D in particular.

What is the importance of these topics to uma?

The Acquisition of Solarfective may speed up the development towards fully integrated solutions. This can make a huge difference for companies, such as uma, which are placing a particular focus on the design of its high end installation as well as the environment they are operating in. Think about it as an integrated system, that understands what is the optimal lighting condition for a user and adapts the conditions accordingly in real time. This translates into additional value for the user and decreasing effort of operations, while increasing usability. On the topic of 3D, which was mainly discussed on the basis of a usage scenario within cinemas, Installations, such as SKIN can implement 3D applications towards an even more immersive experience for the user. AV Installations are used in many settings throughout industries. However, the main reason for using such installations is to “wow” your clients, your visitors or other important audiences and 3D can be a major differentiator if done right.


Resources and other useful links to the podcast and its topics: