umaSKIN @ CART Retail Innovation Pitch 2016

umaSKIN recently participated in the CART Retail Innovation Pitch.

CART organizes this event to look for new and innovative ideas, which could possibly disrupt the retail world. CART collaborates with several trade publications making finalists accessible and recognizable within the retail industry.

Participants compete to be a featured solution on CART, pre-qualify for potential $25,000 cash investment from CART partners and $25,000 in free CART services. Foremost the whole contest provides exposure to potential customers, strategic investors and the media.

Only six applicants went through to the final round of the pitch event. One of those six was umaSKIN. Finalists were presented with a chance to connect one-on-one with multi-billion dollar retailers and brand decision makers. This gave us the chance to pitch our vision and have substantiate conversation regarding feedback and interest going forward.

Christian Doegl, CEO of umaSKIN, presented our unique digital signage solution to a retail expert panel. His great speech appealed to the tech-affine and non-tech affine audience a like and the feedback of the panel was very promising:

sps_lobby“very unique!”

“Would work well within a retail environment, especially a digitally engaged organization that wants to take the experience closer to the sale”

“Would be a point of difference”


Nevertheless, the panel decided to choose another company as their winner. We congratulate Wyzerr very much! Wyzerr connects market research and online services in a playful way .

However, umaSKIN impressed not only the experts but also the organizers:

In store retail technology similar products“UmaSKIN’s cutting edge technology brought a real ‘wow’ to our panel in the 2016 Retail Innovation Pitch Event. Their unique digital ‘wall’ can react to customers walking by or to the specific customer that’s in front of it. The technology aligns very well to the growing push to bring the brick & mortar store to life, delivering an experience digital-only commerce cannot provide. Excited to see what the future holds for them.”


The CART Retail Innovation Pitch was once again a great opportunity to show umaSKIN’s uniqueness in the retail world. We are happy that we could be a part of innovative event and consider it a great success.